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Rave Reviews

"I'm still smiling from a glorious week on my first cruise with KT. I have new friends and a heart filled with joy. Thank you for all you do to make it special for each of us."

    L. Fifield, Clovis, CA

"Thank you so much for another awesome week of fun, fellowship, music, prayer, teaching, drawing close to God & each other. This was our 4th year on the cruise & we are already looking forward to 2008! "

    R. & M. Zinn, Caldwell, NJ

"I can't find any words that even come close to how wonderful these cruises are!  Last year was my second of many more.  There is not better place for spiritual renewal.  Great people!  Great music!  An absolutely awesome God.  Thank you JRI."

    L Hawk, Great Falls MT

"Eddie and I left the cruise refreshed, uplifted and with a renewed sense of the awesomeness of our Lord.  All that and a vacation too!  Truly our cup overflows!  Thank you, JRI, for all your hard work and the effort you put into the cruises.  I cannot imagine what an undertaking that must be!"

    K Reagan, Fort Mill SC

"I just finished cruising with Kathy and company and have to say it was the best vacation of my life!"

     L. Lenderink, Morrison CO

"I loved it!! My first cruise and not my last. The music, the food, the people were awesome. Looking so forward to next years cruise!"

    B. Johnson, Louisville KY

"Once again, I had the most incredible week of the year. Each year, seems the KT & Friends cruise gets better. I just cant say enough about it. I now look forward to the 2004 trip!"

    P. McClintock, Galion OH

"I have been so blessed everytime I have been with the KT group. I remember when I contacted you 5 years ago about the cruise, and was worried about going alone. You said there was no need to be concerned because the group becomes like family. That is so true! I cherish the lasting friendships that Ive made through the four KT cruises Ive joined. Thank you for another wonderful cruise!"

     M. Jome, Bothell WA

"Thanks for making my first cruise the most fun I have ever had memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to 2004 and will tell everyone about this experience!"

    M. Benson, Eagan MN

"I wanted to take this time to tell you what a wonderful experience KT and Friends 2002 was for me and my friend, Brandy. On top of the relaxation of being on a cruise and seeing all the beauty of the fabulous ports of call, the opportunity we had in spending time with all those wonderful artists was an experience that will never be forgotten. Kathy is such as inspiration...The concerts were absolutely fabulous and felt so personal. However, nothing compares to the Evening Praise. Spending that evening praising and worshiping God was the night that will forever be etched in my memory. I thank you for all that JRI has done and continues to do in organizing and opening this opportunity for Christians everywhere. I have made new friendships that will last a lifetime. I am looking forward to next year's cruise. Thank you again!"

     April Mallet, Houston TX

"We came home refreshed and relaxed and our spirits revived. Many new friends we met and hope to keep in touch with... Jerry said it best 'It was like spending a week at church camp for adults'. We appreciate your hard work before and during the cruise."

     Lori & Jerry Smith, Lexington KY

"The KT & Friends Cruise 2002 was ablolutely perfect...I am telling you the whole thing was fabulous! It was a fun, relaxing, spiritually refreshing week and the Lord's presence was surely felt by all. Now we have the fondest of memories and new life-long friends! Words just don't seem enough to describe the wonderful, awesome group of Artists that were provided for our group! Kathy Troccoli is just a beautiful, pure, sweet example of Christ and His abundant love... She was unbelievable and so approachable and caring. Please pass on my thanks to her for being such an awesome host!"

     Linda Hafiz, Argyle TX

"Thank you again for a wonderful experience...I am looking forward already to 2003!"

     Pam McMartin, Saskatchewan, Canada

"We're veterans at JRI Cruises, and I cannot tell you how much we continue to be impressed with every single thing. This year's KT cruise was first class all the way. Each of the artists brought a special, precious spirit to their sharing time--both in artistry and in friendship. We just looked at our pictures and relived the memories and laughs. Gail: (we misssed Mike this year!) as always arrangements went without a hitch."

     Bill and Connie Gergel

"We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary cruising with you all. But the most awesome part of was the way Gail arranged our dinner table. The 3 other couples were our age, children our age, and more importantly 2 0f the 3 were from my home town and my sister's town. We are conversing by email and have set up dates for our families to meet soon. With the help of God, we have made 3 beautiful friendships. We never had enough time to share with each other during the 2 hour dinners each evening. We did our excursions together, took photos together and prayed together. Thanks Gail for being sensitive to putting us together, we believe God used you to minister to us this past February 2001. One of the couples Gary and Rebecca will be sailing with us next year to the Mexican Riveria. God bless your business."

     Michael and Tammy Nicholson

"Thanks for changing my flights at the last moment for the KT Cruise. Praise the Lord it all worked out just fine. My wife and I enjoyed celebrating our 10 year anniversary in the Caribbean both physically and spiritually. I greatly enjoyed both the morning and evening sessions with the artists sharing from the heart. I thought it was awesome the first morning, looking out at the aqua ocean and beautiful islands with their mountain terrain, listening to KT share a morning devotional. That's life at it's fullest."

     Mike (& Maggie) Hoyer

"I'm writing to let you know how happy we are with the cruise and all that you and JRI Cruises did for us. It was a wonderful time, but far and away we enjoyed the people we met. After the music I enjoyed our group at dinner more than anything else. I thank you for a well organized and well executed job. You deserve high praise and you'll get it from us. I don't really know how to get back in touch with the performers, but I'm sure you do. Please communicate our total pleasure with event and each of the participants. Thanks for a job well done."

     Steve Rowan

"I wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the KT & Friends cruise. I was really needing a relaxing and refreshing vacation and it was that and much more. I can't tell you how much God used that week to help me grow. It was more than just enjoying Christian entertainment. God has been working on some issues in my life and the cruise was a perfect opportunity for God to give me a little push. I came home a changed person."

     Carol Moffat

"Dear Mike and Gail,
Prior to KT and Friends cruise, we had never gone on a cruise. We heard about KT's cruise and couldn't resist the opportunity of cruising with you and some fantastic Christian artists. We are so glad that we did. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of our lives. Everything was perfect and and the work that you both put into organizing the cruise is tremendous. Thank you for a wonderful time. We can't wait until the info for next cruises are announce."

     Lester Chow & Kim Mu-Chow

"Mike & Gail,
I just want to reinforce what a wonderful job you do putting these cruises together! Every year seems to be better than the last, and I know how much you put into it. Jonathan was 11 when we booked our first cruise and now he is 16. I have watched him grow as he has been exposed to Christian artists who have such a heart for God! He has seen that these are real people with real lives and he has been blessed with the times he has shared with them. I have watched him and Kathy develop a close bond over the years which is insturmental in his life. I am thankful for the friendships I have developed with the "Cruise regulars" and for the people I have met from all walks of life. The cruise is one of the highlights ofmy year. Thank you for making these opportunities available. God bless you!"

     Eileen Richardson

"KT & Friends 99 cruise was a vacation of a lifetime - and definitely to be repeated next year! I'd always wanted to go on a cruise; the friendships and concerts elevated it to a level exceedingly abundantly above all I could have imagined! God used it not only to refresh me and provide great memories but to prepare me for what is ahead. Thank you, Gail and Mike, for making this a life-changing event!"

     Joy Reutter

"I have had trouble finding adequate words to describe the impact the KT & Friends '99 cruise has had on me. I have made close friends that are a treasure and I have had books suggested to me that I am currently working on that are life changing. Mike & Gail, thanks for making the vacation so worry free! Without all your hard work, I know thing would have gone less smoothly. Lots of Love..."

     Linda Graham

"I was so blessed to have the opportunity to join JRI Cruises for the 1997 Forever Friends Cruise. What a fabulous time to enjoy fellowship with my new friends Sandy and Rhonda in the beautiful Carribean. We were blessed to have Sandi Patty, KT, Gary Chapman, Gary Smalley, and Clay Crosse provide the entertainment. Gail and Mike are some of the best event planners around and always "Top Notch" in the hospitality arena. I look forward to joining JRI cruises again. Thank you for a wonderful time and for my new Forever Friends!!!!! Love..."

     Ryan Golze

"Mike and Gail,
Congratulations on another excellent cruise. I enjoyed all aspects of this years's cruise, especially the entertainers also taking part in or leading the devotions. Kathy was great in her hosting duties and happy that she will be doing so again. God Bless..."

     Pam McMartin

"Mike & Gail,
Once again we had a wonderful time. KT is such a lovely, gracious host. We are looking forward to next year and can't wait to see what is being planned. Much love..."

     Connie & Bill Gergel

"Ali and I just arrived back home Sunday from the vacation of a life-time. It truly was the abxolute best vacation we ever have experieced! Thank you, Mike and Gail for your hospitality and for the very well organized trip! You are top-notch! Sincerely in Christ's love..."

     Ali and Jan Tabrizi

"I can't begin to tell you how splendid the Jan. 24-31, 1999 KT & Friends cruise was!! The fun, fellowship and concerts were absolutely fantastic. We were challenged, inspired and encouraged. We were also forced to take a good look at ourselves and where we are in our walk with the Lord, and I thank you for that. Thanks also to Kathy for joining our little quartet in singing "Everything Changes". That was the best part of all. It's been a dream of mine to sing with you - and now I have. Thanks also for your warm, encouraging words about the poem I wrote for you. I'm glad you liked it and hope you will continue to be uplifted by its words - from my heart to yours. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! Hugs included..."

     Colette D. Bell (Norwegian Wind cruise)

"Hi Mike and Gail! Thank you for using the picture!! I cannot even begin to explain what these cruises have meant to me year after year: the music, the artists,the wonderful friendships and the inspirational sessions have been lifechanging. Every year, I have prayed for God to use this time in a special way: to direct me, or challenge me, or inspire me , or use me, or to direct Tori or just to give me whatever He wants me to receive. Every year I have come away from this cruise with answers to my prayers. Every year I come away with with the special friendships I have made even stronger and always some new friends,too,forever. I was so disappointed when for a short time, it seemed that our cruises were ending. Praise God, and Kathy that we will have another year and another cruise, even though we will all miss Sandy. And of course, thank you also to Mike and Gail who make it all so very special! This cruise is for everyone. But it has been an especially rewarding opportunity for me to share these trips with my daughter who was just 15 when we came on the very first one. And as a single, it is such an inspiring time to be with others who love God, to have a wonderful time, to cruise to exciting ports and be "safe" as a single, Christian woman. Tori and I are really looking forward to January!!!! God bless you..."

     Brenda Andreas

"Cruising with JRI on all their Forever Friends cruises has given us memories we will always look back on with joy. It's been a time to get to know each of the artist's hearts and we have grown to love each one of them for it. We've also made friends to last a lifetime--even if we don't see each other all the time. And then there's Mike and Gail of JRI. They've become friends, too, and you could not ask for better, friendlier service than what they provide. We are looking forward to the new KT cruise in January!"

     Connie Gergel

"We've had many wonderful times over the past years and hope that you will share your experiences. One of our favorites was in October 1997. While docked in St. George's Parish, Bermuda our entire group shared an incredible evening service in St. Peter's Church. This church dates back to 1620. Max Lucado spoke to the soul of each and every person. Sandi Patty, her parents Ron & Carolyn, Susan Ashton, Chris Willis and Sheila Walsh sang from the front and our "congregation" joined in. There was a connection between everyone which you could almost touch. It was truly an incredible experience!"

     JRI Cruises